About Me


6 years ago, I quit my corporate job, picked up a camera, graduated from Light and Life Academy and chased my dreams of creating amazing pictures!

I don’t write stories; I capture them & encapsulate them through my LENS…

An introvert turned extrovert, my journey into photography has taught me lessons of great value and has transpired and levelled up my individuality. It changed my perception towards life, giving a new meaning to my existence.

For me, photography is an art that spurs emotions and creates positive illusions in the minds of people. In pursuant to this belief, I shoot pictures that articulate stories and mysteries attached to a place or an object. I enjoy bringing inanimate objects into life through my shots and I never stop until I have the right story captured in the frame.

It was kind of accidental that I discovered my passion for photography:  A significant turn in my life! And before that happened, I was hung on to the work life that made me restless most of the time, questioning my passion and aspirations. Then one day as I was going through some of my old photographs, I realized how much I enjoyed capturing them. The next thing I knew I was doing a research on photography and cameras. And thus began my new journey.

To keep up with originality and creativity, I believe that a photographer has to carry-out every new shoot with a fresh perspective.

Architecture has always been an intriguing subject for me; I am constantly fascinated by the artistry behind the distinctive buildings or structures. It is this drive towards the subject that got me into specializing in architecture and interior photography.

I am a diehard foodie and trust me when I say, I FEEL FOOD!

Apart from savouring new delicacies, I find pleasure in absorbing the essence of food and projecting it through most tempting imagery. To add to it, I have had the privilege to work with some of the very talented foodpreneurs in India and Singapore. “I have been featured in 25 Exceptional Food Photographers in Singapore on Shutterturf.”

Another interesting incident, which I babble about all the time, is the Eureka moment I had about 4 years ago. It was the first time I dived into the ocean and experienced the warmth of the underwater world as a diver. I felt strongly captivated by the mysterious and vibrant life deep under the ocean. It tremendously motivated me to steer into underwater photography. Since then I have been determined to visually articulate the beauty and connect the realm of marine life to the world above.

Besides that, I am fond of travelling, going on new adventures and trying to learn and capture the history, architecture, culture, tradition and cuisine.

If you’d like to connect with me, Hit Me Up! And Maybe I will frame our story someday!

I am a social guy



500+ Architecture Shoots

15 Underwater Dives

50000+ shots captured

10 Countries visited

Padi Certified Diver