Behind Every Phenomenal Shot: An Extract Right from My Photography Journal

The Awakening of Shutterbug in Me : 

I still remember the chaotic and stressful days in the past where all I knew was that my corporate job wasn’t right up my alley. My mind constantly reeled about escaping that monotonous work life.
Every day amidst the traffic and bustles of the city as I commuted to work, I felt an urge to pause and admire the things around me. The surroundings, the structures, the landscape and the people: They all had some untold stories. The stories that were buried deep within, waiting to be captured and unraveled. It is during one of these days I found my passion for photography.

And thus, one fine day I decided to quit the stressful job and begin my new journey.
As I hustle around Singapore for my shoots and look back in time, I feel a jolt of happiness gushing over me. Today as a professional photographer, I am proud of living the life I always dreamt of!

A Picture : More than Just Words 

In my view, a great picture is an artistic piece that captures a story, evokes emotions and curiosity. It also reflects the positive perception of the photographer and emphasizes the value of the subject. I truly believe that a picture instantly and effortlessly speaks and connects with people and their feelings.

What Do I Click?

Architecture & Interior Photography :

Encapsulating the smallest detailing & patterns, aesthetics, and craftsmanship of intricate structures and landscapes is something I find incredibly fascinating. Every building or property, within its architecture, conceals the story, warmth, and sentiment of its creation. As an architectural and interior photographer in Singapore and India, I have been able to extensively explore the wonders of contemporary architecture and gain a good understanding of producing exceptional frames.

Food Photography :

Food photography is one of the trickiest styles of photography requiring a high level of innovative and creative skillset. It is essentially all about capturing the essence of food that in itself entices one’s taste buds, hunger and sense of smell. I must admit I have a craze for making people drool through my clicks and thus put my best efforts to ideate the concept. Singapore, known for its diverse culinary delights, is every food photographer’s paradise. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the reputed food brands and restaurants across India and Singapore.

Product Photography : 

For a business, while the product conveys the brand’s message and value, it is the pictures taken at accurate angles with ideal lighting and styling grab the first attention. They also drive customer engagement and scale up the sales. Through my shots, I strive to create perfectly tailored illustrations of products that bestow every detail a brand would want its customers to perceive.

Underwater Photography :

Well, I cannot just explain in mere words the amount of thrill that went through me the first time I caught the stunning sight of underwater life. That very instant, I felt captivated by the lure of aquatic life and thus grew fond of underwater photography. Although it is challenging, I am insanely obsessed with capturing the mystery, uncertainty, colors, aura and beautiful creatures that deck up the ocean.

Light- The Heart and Soul of a Photograph!

An in-depth understanding of science and art of light is the most basic and crucial prerequisite for creating brilliant images. Throughout my projects, I have been experimenting and studying the effects of light on the contrast and colors of the final images.

What’s in My Camera Bag?

  • Nikon D810 & D850 Camera – A full-frame DSLR with a lot of amazing features including precise autofocus and good battery life is my go-to camera
  • Nikon PC 19mm Tilt-Shift Lens – Go to lens for all my interior shoots.
  • Nikon 14-24mm Lens- perfect for capturing the complex features and patterns, I use this for architecture & Interior photo-shoots
  • Nikon 24-70mm Lens – This lens is perfect to click exceptional snaps of food and objects
  • Nikon 105mm Macro Lens- This is yet another great lens offering incredible autofocus and high-resolution pictures and is ideal for food and portrait photography
  • Gitzo Systematic Series 4 – I have been using this tripod for quite some time and it is handy, sturdy and easy to use.

My Inspiration :

For me, the places and their vibes, the eateries and food, nature and other simple things in life are a major source of imagination and motivation. I also draw inspiration from some of the amazing photographers around the world like Mike Kelley, Thomas Peschak, and Joanie Simon. Some of the books that have helped me upgrade my photography skills are Understanding Exposure, Dusk to Dawn, New Architecture Los Angeles, and The Photography of Architecture and Design. Apart from these, I often travel to different places and try new adventures and cuisines, embrace new cultures, traditions, architecture, and history.