Bringing food to life through mouth-watering shots!

One of the most enjoyable experiences in my life has been that of discovering food and capturing them. Singapore is known for its diverse food culture. It is a hub of a large number of restaurants, food joints and a wide range of cuisines. Living in Singapore has been a boon for me in strengthening my food photography skills and become a best food photographer in Singapore.

They say that the way to someone’s heart is through their belly and I seemingly vouch for that. Although food photography appears to be easy, it could be truly challenging. On a personal level, I believe that pictures are a reflection of a photographer’s perspective and individuality. It is essential to add a unique and creative touch to your photos to catch the viewer’s eyes. Besides this, when I click for the brands, I always make sure that the pictures accent the brand identity of my clients.

Another important concept in food photography that I would emphasize is Food styling. Imagine the food looking sloppy. In this case, no matter how good you or your camera is, your photos would look less than captivating. Thus, as a food photographer in Singapore, a basic understanding of food styling could add value to your practice.

In this article, I share my experience with two food photography projects that I worked on, in India. Also, watch out for some tricks and tips to capture food in the most alluring way.

Client: The Balanced Plate Café

The Balanced plate café was started with a vision of promoting conscious eating habits focusing on balanced nutrition. They wanted straightforward yet inspiring shots that would display their concept effectively through visuals.

Food & Beverages Photography

The above picture was shot using Godox Ad200 pro flash with 80cm octa and a reflector to fill in the shadows. The use of artificial light helps to add depth to the image. The purpose of using reflectors is to bounce the light and also to diffuse it, based on the requirement.

Best Food Photographer

Check out the kind of food styling adopted in the shot above, which perfectly speaks for the café. This too was clicked using Godox Ad200 pro flash and a reflector.

 Client 2: Grand Mercure Mysore, India

A 5-star hotel, known for luxury stay and fine dining, Grand Mercure was looking for food shots that would appeal to their customers and also help in enhancing the brand credibility.

Food Photography

The above picture was shot for Grand Mercure and I was able to pull this off with 2 of Godox Ad200 pro flashes and a reflector.

Top Photographer in Singapore

This was one of the interesting parts of the photo-shoot; it took several attempts to figure out the angles and lighting to get that final perfect shot. After all, mastering photography does entail patience and determination.

For this photograph, I used 3 sources of light to add depth to the picture.  Two flashlights were placed behind the subject at around 45 degrees angle to the camera, to spotlight the rim. The third light source was positioned with snoot and grid at an angle of 45 degrees to illuminate the label. A reflector was used on top of the subject to add fill light on the cap to lighten the shadow.

Top Photographer in Singapore

The above is the snoot and grid that I used to bend the light to an angle of 45 degrees to the subject.

Other Gears Used

Camera     : Nikon D810

Lens        : Nikon 50mm Lens and Nikon 105mm 2.8 Macro Lens


Food photography is indeed tricky but with the right knowledge, persistence, and creative approach one could become an expert on the subject.

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Keep watching this space for more articles, tricks and tips and until then stay safe and have fun!